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Full – Service Solutions

Electro Rent wants to be your strategic partner by offering you alternatives in acquiring test equipment. Traditionally known for offering no-commitment test equipment rentals, ER will also design flexible business solutions to meet business constraints as they affect you. As your business environment changes and your test equipment needs evolve, ER can help by developing a state of the art and comprehensive, full–service business program regardless of your technology requirements and manufacturer brand preference. We focus on your broad business needs not just the latest and the greatest technology to come to a solution that works for you.

Solutions will be customized for your needs and can include:

  • Utilization/cost of ownership analysis of your current equipment pool. Are you over investing in old equipment? Are there better alternatives?
  • Access to our asset management tool.
  • Committed test equipment inventory to meet your specific utilization demands.
  • Access to our vast supply of high quality ex-rental equipment as an alternative to new product purchases.
  • Many other options are available. Contact us or call: 00800 1234 40 40